The Last Chill
Welcome to the Last Chill Pack! We are semi-Literate Wolf Roleplay that takes place after the Ice Age, and the world is heating up. The humans have turned against the wolves. Will you join our Rankings?

If this is your first time, Please review our Rules and Information section. This is the first listed forum.

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The world is heating up, And the Humans have abandoned the wolves
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Our Council of Dominants

Lead Dominant
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Okami, The Lead Dominant. She is a huge One Direction fan, and this site's admin and pack Lead Dominant. You can message her if you have any issues with pack members, site issues, and for more information.

Who we are and Plot

The Last Chill Pack is a pack based off of the ending of the Ice Age. As the world heats up, The humans have turned their back against their loyal companions, leaving the wolves clueless. As result, the canines have come together to form a pack, to fight the storm together.

Plot; World Heating up

Currently, The heat is growing, although it is winter. Prey has become slightly scarce, after the Ice Age recently ended, and they are attempting to hide from the weather in their burrows, or have fled to find cooler places.

Time in Roleplay
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