The Last Chill
Welcome to the Last Chill Pack! We are semi-Literate Wolf Roleplay that takes place after the Ice Age, and the world is heating up. The humans have turned against the wolves. Will you join our Rankings?

If this is your first time, Please review our Rules and Information section. This is the first listed forum.

The Last Chill

The world is heating up, And the Humans have abandoned the wolves
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Breeze! She was one of our first members, and deserves this rank.
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 The Coal Shop

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PostSubject: The Coal Shop   The Coal Shop EmptySun Jan 20, 2013 7:22 am

Hello everyone. As you all know, you receive Coals for activity, winning events, and other things, so I decided to open a shop for those who wish to spend their Coals. Here is the current options.

20 Coals- Ability to wear a special item (Jewelry, and Such)

20 Coals- Ability to change eye color

30 Coals- One week special marking

30 Coals- Custom Signature by Starz10 or Okami

40 Coals- Chatbox Modlet powers for a week

50 Coals- Custom Manip by Okami

50 Coals- Permanent Special Marking

50 Coals- Create your own event for the pack (Must be approved)

60 Coals- Character Change (Provide link to previous character)

70 Coals- Ability to create your own Roleplay Spot (Must be approved)


40 Coals- Leprechaun outfit
10 Coals- Four leaf clover print on your wolf
20 Coals- Ability to wear special March Jewelry
50 Coals- Turn your wolf green

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The Coal Shop
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